Title Sequence

Angela Gao

Promax Spark Award 2023, Key Art & Poster Finalist

Cinema 4D, Arnold, Photoshop,
After Effects
Moonrise Kingdom tells the journey about the adventure of two troubled kids, Sam and Suzy, who feel alienated by their family and peers. They fall in love and run away together to an isolated beach on the island in search of freedom.

Our challenge for this project was to design a title sequence that reflects the themes of the film but not be influenced by Wes Anderson's aesthetic style. The concept is a sequence that depicts their wilderness escape plans in search of freedom. The title sequence takes place in an imagined workspace for Sam and Suzy that eventually is revealed to be inside a suitcase.

Final Sequence

Style Frames

The style of the piece is playful and childlike. We used sticky notes with handwriting as well as drawings to illustrate Sam and Suzy's plans for escape.

Movie Inspiration

Illustration Assets
For the sticky notes, we created illustrated assets such as childish doodles and handwriting inspired by the movie's plot.


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